ThKidsYellowFishank you to the Junior Naturalists who helped to paint yellow fish on the storm drains at the Riverview Park and Zoo!  Your hard work will serve as a reminder to all that when harmful substances go down storm drains, they harm aquatic species that depend on clean water. Otonabee Conservation started the evening with an orientation to the Yellow Fish Road program to teach us about watersheds, where rainwater goes after a storm in an urban environment, where our tap water comes from, and why we need to protect local water quality. Thank you to the staff at Otonabee Conservation for leading us in this fun volunteer opportunity!

Kids2YellowFishThe Yellow Fish Road is a nation-wide environmental education program designed and managed by Trout Unlimited Canada. The goal is to help Canadians understand that storm drains are the doorways to our rivers, lakes and streams. Preventing pollutants from entering our storm drains is critical to protecting and improving our watersheds, water quality and aquatic habitat. For more info on the program: