Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre

Turtle rescuers ANYWHERE IN ONTARIO:

What to do if you find an injured and/or deceased turtle: if you are able and it is safe to do so, please pick up the turtle, note the exact location and call the Centre at 705-741-5000 right away.

BE PREPARED! Have a bin (with drilled air holes in the lid) in your car, ready to go. Stock it with a pair of gloves (washable rubber gloves or disposable medical gloves), a flat shovel, and an old towel for cushioning any impact the turtle might feel. Do not put the turtle in water or give it food.

HOW TO GET IT HERE: If you can get it to us, that’s great! We are at 4-1434 Chemong Rd., Selwyn, ON K9J 6X2, within sight of Peterborough. If you are unable to drive to the Centre, call us and we can direct you to one of our “First Responders” . We have many located across the province .

We value the life of every turtle. Thank you to the many people in our province who do too!