Butterfly Counts — Peterborough Area

Butterfly counts have been operating in North American (NABA) since 1975, and are currently a programme of the North American Butterfly Association.

The three main goals of the NABA’s Butterfly Count Program are to:

  1. gather data that will monitor butterfly populations
  2. give butterfliers a chance to socialize and have fun
  3. raise public awareness by hosting events that will increase general interest in butterflies.

Each Butterfly Count covers an area contained with a circle with radius 24 kilometres and are conducted in one calendar day, similar to Christmas Bird Counts. The organisers are encouraged to hold the counts within the same circle and the same time of year annually.  Counts are encouraged between the June 12th and July 25th, although some are held outside of this period.

The Petroglyphs Butterfly Count is centred on the region north of Stoney Lake. This count regularity saw the highest counts of Columbine Duskywing, Broad-winged Skipper and Dun Skipper in North America.


The Rice Lake Plains Butterfly Count was a new count in 2011 and centred on the Black Oak Savannah at Alderville First Nation on the south shore of Lake Ontario. Details pending.

For additional information on butterflies the NABA has a host of information.