Nature Studies

The Peterborough Field Naturalists and its members are involved in many volunteer projects which monitor and document specific aspects of our natural world.

Club Sponsored Projects

Christmas Bird Counts

  • Currently Peterborough and Petroglyphs
  • Historic – Millbrook, Buckhorn and Woodview
  • Longest operating wildlife surveys in region

Bird Feeders at Ecology Park

  • Two bird feeders are maintained by the PFN and its members along the nature trail in Ecology Park, with lies on the east side of Little Lake in the south eastern section of Beavermead Park.

Petroglyphs Butterfly Count

  • This annual count of butterflies is part of the continent – wide programme coordinated by the North American Butterfly Association. The Petroglyphs count covers a circle with a radius of 24km in the northern part of Peterborough County. The count is traditionally held on the 3rd Saturday in July and has been conducted annually for almost 20 years.

Dance Butterfly Survey

  • A weekly survey of the butterflies of the Kawartha Land Trust Dance Property in Selwyn Township following a predetermined protocol. A defined route is walked by volunteers and all of the species and individuals are recorded. Other species of fauna were also recorded.

Orchid Diary

  • Monthly summary of observation which appears in “The Orchid’

Bio-Blitz Events

  • Periodically scheduled in association with other groups.

Chimney Swift Towers

  • Roosting structures for this threatened species

Miller Creek Conservation Area Trails

  • Series of trails and nesting boxes are maintained by the PFN and its members in the Miller Creek Conservation Area southeast of Bridgenorth.  The trails lead to a viewing tower which provides a lookout over and extensive cattail march.

Initiatives by Others in which PFN Members Participate

Peterborough Sightings — Goggle based e-mail system for sharing observations.  To sign-up

Bird Studies Canada Volunteer Projects  — Wide range of provincial, national and international projects.  Consult BSC web-site for details

National Heritage Information Centre  — document status of plants and animals in the Province of Ontario.  The NHIC web-site has a host of information.

Ontario Breeding Bird Atlas — the first atlas was covered the period 1981 to 1985 and the second atlas the period 2001 to 2005.  The third atlas should commence in 2021. Click here for results and other information on these these two bird atlases.

Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas