It’s time to reach for your camera or smartphone and head out to where the bumble bees are buzzing.

We’ve just launched the second annual Great Canadian Bumble Bee Count, running now until September 15th. Each submission before September 16th counts as one chance for a $25 gift certificate to use on products from our friends at Sustainable Outdoors Co.

Canadian scientists need to know: where are the bees?

And, well, there’s just not enough scientists to do enough counting of bumble bees. They need committed individuals like you and me to take photos along with observations about the floral hosts, the weather and any other bees bumbling around.

Can we count on you as a Census-taker?

We’ve made taking part easy with our Census Cards that you can view on your smart phone or download and print to take with you. They show the colouring of female workers from many of the species – one card for Western Canada’s bumble bees and one for Eastern Canada. If you see a bumble bee with a basket of pollen stuck to its leg – you’ll know it’s a female (worker) – the male (drones) don’t collect pollen.