The 66th Annual Peterborough CBC was held on Sunday, December 17th, 2017

The 66th Annual Peterborough CBC was held on Sunday, December 17th, 2017.

There were 71 field participants and 10 feeder watchers.

A total of 60 species were observed representing 12,166 individuals. The number of species is the second highest.

New Count Species: Sandhill Crane and Fox Sparrow

New Count High: Cooper’s Hawk – 12 (previous was 10), Bald Eagle – 13 (previous was 5), Red-bellied Woodpecker – 16 (previous was 8) Pileated Woodpecker 28 (previous was 12), Dark-eyed Junco – 739 (previous was 543), Northern Cardinal – 144 (previous was 120 – only on 2 counts in the 1960’s)

Almost High Counts: Merlin – 3, Peregrine Falcon – 1 (both tie previous high). The 466 Blue Jays was 3 short of previous high of 469

Absent Species: American Kestrel — none were recorded. The last miss was in 2006. They have been on 92% of the previous counts. Also lack of winter finches — no Common and Hoary Redpolls or Evening Grosbeaks

Low Number: Waterfowl and gulls were in lower numbers compared to recent years due to the freezing conditions prior to count day. House Sparrow numbers continue to be low when compared to numbers in the past.

Species Count : The 60 species reported on Count Day is the 2nd highest, with the high being 62 in 2014. The ten year average is 52 species on Count Day.

Special thanks to the 71 field observers and the 10 people who contributed observations for their feeders and neighbourhood